welcome to the real world

i am a husband, dad, granddad, movie junkie, bama fan, saltwater enthusiast, sometimes scuba diver, and a pastor of a crazy little church that meets in a movie theater!


the mellow side of me

tonight dana and i had an awesome time hanging with friends at our favorite restaurant in decatur – mellow mushroom pizza.  a little known fact: i was the very first customer in the door on opening day.  dana and i go there two-three times per week sometimes!  i know its not healthy and it probably accounts for a large percentage… Read more →


my favorite football rivalry

for most bama fans the alabama auburn game is the hightlight of the year. second to that in the storied history of college football rivalries is alabama vs. tennessee. i love these games but my favorite game of the year is this weekend – alabama vs florida. i cannot wait to go see the game tomorrow with my daughter lara!… Read more →


finding me

a few months ago we had to take our granddaughter, kristyn, to the hospital.  her sister madisyn was curious about the courtesy masks in the lobby.  so i put one on for fun.  when we got to the exam room i expanded it to gloves and then decided to be silly and put one on my head.  i wanted some… Read more →

setbacks are setups for success

sunday at revolution i took the opportunity to talk about some of the recent changes that have happened in the context of the year so far. sometimes what we see as a set back is simply a setup for success. using the story of gideon i show how god may use subtraction in our lives to multiply our effectiveness as… Read more →