welcome to the real world

i am a husband, dad, granddad, movie junkie, bama fan, saltwater enthusiast, sometimes scuba diver, and a pastor of a crazy little church that meets in a movie theater!


no average joe

my friend devin hudson finished out our no average joe series this past sunday and it was amazing.  this is probably one of the best messages that i have ever heard at our church (yes including mine) and it is among one of the best i’ve ever heard period!  if you want to understand why bad things happen to good… Read more →


what would jesus really do

as a follow on to yesterday’s post about jesus being a “big fat drunk” lets look at another article by the same author called what would jesus really do?  read this excerpt and then the entire article Once upon a time, a mother made her son a wristband. On it was written: WWJD? This, of course stood for: “What Would… Read more →


jesus was a big fat drunk

been thinking about a post for a while and then i run across one that i wish i could have written.  I love this line from a blog on the huffington post. Jesus was a reckless lover of people, when they called jesus a “drunk and a glutton, a friend of  sinners” was it because of what he taught, or… Read more →


mind dump monday

the last week or so has been pretty hectic so i havent had a chance to blog or do mind dumps… i took a training class for a computer certification that i need for my job last week. it was a very nice break from the dungeon of secret labs. the government requires the certification but it doesnt help me… Read more →