welcome to the real world

i am a husband, dad, granddad, movie junkie, bama fan, saltwater enthusiast, sometimes scuba diver, and a pastor of a crazy little church that meets in a movie theater!


sunday mind dump

really struggled with my message prep this week for rescue this week. the lineage of jesus is kind of boring when you read it but full of important things related to our faith. today’s message was kind of deep theologically.  i did some heavy lifting.  there is some controversy (‘scandal’) over these passages but i feel pretty confident in what… Read more →


size matters

i just got the new iphone 6 plus and wow it is big!  for watching video its awesome.  for texting and driving, not so awesome.  it seems bigger is better in a lot of things these days.  people want bigger.  they want a bigger iphone, a bigger widescreen tv, a bigger house, a bigger salary, even a bigger church.  nothing… Read more →

my thoughts on ferguson

like many in the us, i watched the events in ferguson, mo unfold on television last night in disbelief! and like many americans i have so many lingering questions like how does a city melt down into that kind of chaos? what really happened the day michael brown was killed?  could the government have prevented this tragedy?  how can we… Read more →


sunday headache dump

woke with a sinus headache this am and in Jonah fashion had a little self pity party to start my day. decided it wasn’t worth it and during my prayer time decided to praise instead of complain and be thankful instead of miserable headache still here but I feel good about it. I am a miserable excuse for s Christ… Read more →