A New Seat In The Bus

Today began a new season for me as a follower of Jesus and for the church i founded and pastored, now called revolution church.  For the first time in fifteen years, i was not the pastor of a church.  i was an attendee, volunteer, worshiper, learner… Im not sure what label i have honestly – maybe just messed up Jesus… Read more →


Simple Man

Today I begin a new chapter in my journey on this ball of dirt and water. If you missed it, i stepped aside as a pastor and my friend Devin Hudson took over as lead pastor of revolution church. (you can read about the transition here) As I begin this new season i listened to one of my favorite songs… Read more →


My Next Steps

If I can paraphrase the great King Solomon, he said, “There is a time and season for everything.” Fifteen years ago God called my family to plant a church. I had no idea then what this journey would be like. It has been both thrilling, and terrifying. There have been many victories, and a several defeats. If numbers told the… Read more →